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Getting Married in Tobago - A guide for Trinidadians

Getting Married in Tobago guide for Trinidad

Getting Married in Tobago - A guide for Trinidadians

Getting married in Tobago is proving increasingly popular with Trinidad based couples, especially for smaller wedding groups and where one partner lives abroad. 
From beach wedding ceremonies for just the two of you through to grand wedding affairs for hundreds Tobago has a lot to offer Trinidad couples thinking of tying the knot on the Sister Isle of Tobago. The idea of getting married in Tobago is appealing to more Trinidad couples due to the wide selection of beautiful wedding venues available to suit most budgets and tastes.
The best part is that a Tobago Wedding often proves less expensive than hosting your wedding in Trinidad. With the recent amendment to the marriage law it is now possible to marry between 6am & 9pm.

Applying to get married in TobagoApplying to get married in Tobago

The application process for getting married in Tobago is done in Trinidad at your nearest Registrar generals office. Or at registrar general's office in Scarborough if Tobago based. If both partners are resident in Trinidad & Tobago then you would post banns as normal which simply means placing a notice of the intention to marry for 7 days at the registrar generals office and returning on the 8th day (weekdays only of course) to collect the license to marry. Cost is TT$10 to post banns and TT$10 to collect the license. 
You will require valid ID and original decree absolute or death certificate if either of you have been married before. The license to marry is valid for up to 1 year which means you can hold the wedding ceremony ant time after receiving the license to marry for up to a year. See full details about posting marriage banns online at TTconnect or the Ministry of Legal Affairs website.
If one partner resides in Trinidad and the other abroad then the application to marry is made via either the Presidents License or Presidents Authority, full details of these applications can also be seen online at TTconnect or the Ministry of Legal Affairs website.

Marriage in Tobago for just the two of you

  Gone are the days when parents paid for lavish weddings and many couples from Trinidad are choosing to have a quiet intimate wedding in Tobago by themselves. The simplicity and freedom this offers couples is unsurpassed in any large wedding and the focus can remain on the two of you and the reasons for your union. Wedding packages for just the two of you start at around TT$1,500 for minister and witnesses only, anticipate around TT$4,500 for complete ceremony with photos and bridal bouquet, while a romantic wedding ceremony including decorated arch & dinner at one of several restaurants is around TT$6,500.
You are not limited to beach weddings and have options including hotels, villas, parks, natural woodlands, waterfalls (for the avid naturalists) on boats, yachts & even in Nylon pool. 

Beach weddings for small groups

Beach weddings are the most popular choice for many small groups from Trinidad, enjoying the natural ambiance of Tobago's pristine beaches for the brief ceremony followed by a toast and photos is one of the most affordable ways to get married in Trinidad & Tobago where small groups are concerned. Beach ceremonies are usually followed by a restaurant lunch or dinner depending on preference for a morning or afternoon wedding. However you are not limited to a beach wedding with several villas available as reasonable rates for private weddings these normally require a minimum 3 night stay and additional wedding fees may be incurred. See our Tobago Wedding Venue guide for examples of villas that host weddings both small & large. Alternatively there are some delightful restaurants and small hotels such as Tropikist that can also prove affordable venues for small groups typically up to around 70, both for ceremony & reception or just reception following a beach ceremony.

Large Wedding Groups 

Some couples are just plain popular and could not consider getting married without inviting hundreds of guests and Tobago has options for all Trinidad celebrities! Beach ceremony wise Pigeon point is the better location for large weddings with the ability to reserve areas of the beach, and now, with a new Heritage Pavilion Pigeon point can cater for 200 plus guests in a covered purpose built hall. Pigeon point charge a reservation fee for beach use starting from TT$1,725 for up to 50 guests while the heritage pavilion hall is a flat rental fee of TT$22,000.
There are villas that can cater for up to 200 guests as shown in our Tobago Wedding Venue guide and there are also a few hotels that can offer affordable venues such as Sandy Point Village Hotel which can host receptions for up to 200, while 5 star weddings at Magdalena Grand offers a more formal approach to your day.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who do we have to contact to have our wedding in Tobago?

Tobago Wedding planners such as ourselves are the best choice for initial inquiries as we can help you sift through the choices quickly, and offer useful details to help you make informed decisions. 
You can contact many Tobago wedding venues such as hotels and villas directly, several include their own wedding planning services.





If we inquire what will it cost?

We are happy to answer inquiries without any charges so that you can confidently explore options without being forced into a commitment of any kind. 

If we use your wedding planning services what would you charge?

Our wedding planner fees range from TT$250 to TT$6,000+ depending on what is required of us. We include our planner fees in packages at reduced rates and can offer competitive rates for custom services. We usually manage to save couples thousands of dollars with realistic guidance and advice that always leans towards spending less rather than more. 

How soon can we get married in Tobago?  

 If you have the license to marry then we can usually arrange your wedding in Tobago within a day or two of your contacting us for smaller groups or just the two of you, larger groups may need at least three or four days notice, a few weeks or months would prove more sensible for vendors and more respectful towards your wedding guests.

Do we have to pay any deposits, if so when? 

For most wedding packages that we offer deposits are not required, however hotels, some photographers & certain venues (such as Pigeon point) do require a deposit to secure the date and we would advise you accordingly. Most deposits are required when booking, expect 50% down to secure your date.

Do we have to pay for guest travel and accommodation?

No. It is customary for guests to make their own travel arrangements and accommodation arrangements, both for getting to Tobago and getting to ceremony and reception venues on the wedding day.

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