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Beach Wedding Decorators Tobago

Beach Wedding Decorators


Arches, Arbors, Heart in Sand & More

We delight in taking your dreams & turning them into an intimate setting, starting from sharing inspiring ideas and finishing with the creation of a unique, budget friendly beach ceremony style you'll love.

"The beach set up was gorgeous, the pictures were so beautiful and Robert and his family were absolutely lovely to work with. Such kind and caring people."
 Review by Stevie Christopher (see full review)

 With the avalanch of gorgeous styled shoots and fairytale weddings that flood instagram, pinterest & facebook, finding the right touch that speaks 'YOU'can be overwhelming. Let alone finding reliable, honest & trustworthy vendors based on the Island that can produce the look & feel you want on a reasonable budget.

We offer free consultaions here in Tobago, and we are accustomed to arranging everything via email, whatsapp or skype if you prefer. We can help you explore ideas and arrive at a set up that highlights your personalities, your celebration. 

We are renoun for our personal & creative touches transforming your wedding through decor and details that reflect you both.

"Robert and his family were able to capture exactly what I wanted... Not only was the set up seamless and the ambiance nothing short of perfect, but the removal of the tents, chairs, general clean up the next morning was also very efficient and faultless... I would definitely recommend Tobago Weddings"
 Review by Victoria Ramesar (see full review)

Just looking for an arch, arbor or heart in the sand? 
We would be happy to oblige.

Need a complete ceremony set up with signing table, decorated aisleway, chairs & more? 
We have you covered.

Looking for a beach wedding package with minister, photography, bouquet & set up.
We have those too. Take a peek here

Or perhaps you just want a local proffesional to consult with, we can offer consultaion services as well.

In fact, whatever your needs, Tobago Weddings is the first stop for 'everything wedding' in Tobago. 

Go ahead, reach out to us with your questions

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"I couldn't have been more pleased!!!!!They went above and beyond and exceeded my expectations! The ceremony was beautiful... Words could never express how happy I felt that day!!!"
Review by Kimberly Mahabir (see full review)

Tobago Beach Wedding Decorators
We have been creating beach ceremony set ups for couples & groups of all sizes for over a 10 years as Tobago's leading wedding planners, stylists & decorators

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Tobago Weddings Elopement Package

The Tobago Weddings Elopement Package 

Special Package price TT$3,000 approximately USD $500 or GBP 375

An intimate beach elopement package for couples who want a quiet, uncomplicated marriage ceremony in Tobago. This package includes a Stonehaven beach wedding ceremony with minister, signing table, two chairs & two witnesses. a TT$1,200 photography package of ceremony with a comfortable stroll along the beach (anticipate 50 - 100 photos via download). A local bloom bridal bouquet rounds off this simple, no nonsense elopement package.
You will need to bring the license to marry.
Ceremony times 11 am or 4.30 pm (times are flexible)
Duration: Ceremony takes around 20 minutes, photography typically 15 minutes to half an hour
Minimum notification: Next day (subject to availability)

This package includes:
TT$1,500 Minister with signing table & two chairs (plus witnesses if required)
TT$   300 Wedding coordination fee
TT$1,200 Photography package
TT$   650 Brides local bloom bouquet
Package saving of TT$650

Additions to this beach wedding package include;
TT$1,688 Pigeon point reservation fees (If Pigeon point is desired)
TT$   600 2 post bamboo arch draped in a single colour with ribbons or local bloom posies
TT$   100 Rum punch or non-alcoholic wine toast with toasting flutes for two
TT$  600 Local bloom floral aisle decorations with fresh petals
TT$  100 fruit bowl & fruit juice for two
TT$  200 BBQ on the beach for two
TT$  750 Steel pan soloist
TT$1,000 Surcharge for locations in Castara, Speyside & beyond.
TT$  600 Special marriage license application assistance for foreigners (including license fees)
TT$  250 international postage of certificate
TT$    50 Local track pack postage of certificate if required

For further details or to book the Tobago Wedding Elopment Package
please email - call +1 868 722 4120 - 
or complete the contact form on the right of this page. 

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